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About Us


Spartac Defense provides concealed weapon permit classes since 2017. We prominently provide our training on legally carrying the firearm and the safety measures using them.  We offer courses for public, private individual and even to groups. We also offer firearm transfers for online purchases. We have a relaxed and a non-intimidating environment to train the students. Our competitive advantage is that we remain focused on providing the basics of firearms, armor, range, and classes. Our main aim is to continue promoting responsive ownership in firearms and its usage with everyone. We take delight in providing industry-leading customer services with the best stock of popular firearms available. Our indoor range for training is designed for your safety and comfort. We have invested in range safety officers as staff for you to grab an expert knowledge in handling the firearms.


“We are different from what the rest of the industry shows you.”


With an engaged, honest and knowledgeable team effort we promote our responsibility for the firearm ownership and its usage. As we are known for our protection, recreation, competition, stress, and relief we have found the wide range of customers who purchase firearms, shoot on our range and get trained from our classes. When you leave after getting trained with us, you will feel confident about the firearm knowledge and the ways to handle them proficiently. We can’t stress how important this is to us when you are really interested in owning a firearm and taking ownership of how to fire from us.